2017 Church Conference Forms

Follow the link to access all 2017 Detroit Renaissance District Church Conference forms. All the Detroit Renaissance District Church Conference forms can be found in the Michigan UMC Resources Site.

Staff & Contact Information

District Superintendent

Rev. Dr. Charles Boayue Jr.
Phone: (313) 481-1045 Ext.1420
Email: drds@detroitconference.org

Administrative Assistant

Dwanda Ashford
Phone: (313) 481-1045 Ext.1420
Email: drdoffice@detroitconference.org

Detroit Renaissance District

8000 Woodward Ave
Detroit, MI 48202
Office Phone: (313) 481-1045
Fax: (313) 638-1315
Email: drds@detroitconference.org
Website: http://detroit-renaissance.michiganumc.org/